15NRHC Recommendation - 03/27/2019 - 08:37

Oral disease in young children, particularly early childhood dental decay is largely preventable and if the disease is detected early its management is simple. Yet, Aboriginal children suffer from dental disease at twice the rate of non-Aboriginal children and are more likely to be admitted for care under general anaesthesia.
Conference delegates affirm that access to quality oral health care should not depend on geographical location and that all people, regardless of geographical location should be able to access oral health care in a timely manner. Also, that there is a need to develop models of care appropriate for regional and remote locations and there is requirement to commit to funding the development of location specific solutions. Furthermore, the conference delegates affirm that oral health is part of general health, hence, there is a need to commit to funding oral health care similar to general health care, i.e. through universal access via Medicare.

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Also banning advertising of sugar -sweetened drinks will reduce caries, together with overweight/obesity and diabetes