15NRHC Recommendation - 03/26/2019 - 14:24

Develop an allied health rural generalist workforce to redress work maldistribution and improve accesss to services by
1. Funding the training support package for early career AHRG trainees. For action by Commonwealth DoH
2. Allocate funding to develop local allied health leadership/ management capacity to support AHRG trainees. For action by health service providers/organisations.
3. Establishe AHRG training positions within existing HR establishments or when expanding services . For action by health service provider organisations.
4. Use RHMT/UDRHs capacity and expertise to provide support to cohorts of AHRG trainees . For action by CW DOH in contract negotiations and KPI specifications so workforce support for allied health professions beyond entry level is formally within the remit of RHMT/UDRH.
5. Include #4 as part of the RHMT Evaluation being conducted this year

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