15NRHC Recommendation - 03/25/2019 - 07:40

Rural inpatients in tertiary hospitals in capital cities often find themselves in distressing circumstances without their loved ones around them. Sometimes they may be away from their homes for long periods, undergoing treatment. Every tertiary hospital should employ a "Rural Liaison Service" - a social worker, support worker or counsellor - who looks in on the care of patients from rural communities. A specialised service would mean support for navigating a new 'system' as well as allowing patients to feel less secluded with someone they can build a relationship with and trust during this part of their journey.

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The NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation are currently prioritising key themes obtained through the consultation phase of the Improving Rural Patient Journey Initiative and having a central point of contact came in as number 1!!!

every tertiary centre should also have a rural service desk for rural doctors and patients, that coordinates appointments so as to minimise multiple trips to the capital city over a few weeks to attend say imaging, EEG and specialist appointments.