14th NRHC Recommendation 634

Governments and Professional Colleges need to work together to develop a National Approach to the use of telehealth that acknowledges the need for adequate infrastructure support through access to reliable high speed broadband and Medicare funding items that appropriately recognise the range of support needed including follow up, home monitoring capability, access to specialist and local services and local based community support.

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Regarding ehealth
I'm not sure that when I press the upload icon from my patient file what is uploaded actually represents the true picture for the patients. I am not yet convinced..

Regarding preconception/palnning fpr pregnancy: I agree totally. Looking at one method of potential input the General practice team is well placed to help in this regard. I mean the teqm in GP incpudong nurses, doeticiqns, exercise physiologists and socal workers. Any presenting patient should have opportunity to have total heàlth concerns and prospects addressed at some stage. I think GPs should always keep these things in mind. However this is currently difficult in funding models. Consultations become time based forcing patients through in some instances, GP Management Plans alow for only 5 allied health visits per year and many patients need more.

Funds for research, development and evaluation are required to generate sustainability and intergenerational vision