14th NRHC Recommendation 623

“While subsidised spectacle schemes are currently operational in all Australian states and territories, existing schemes vary and often have limited impact in overcoming barriers to access.
• Vision 2020 Australia believes that all schemes should be aligned with the set of nationally consistent principles and recommended standards developed in consultation with and endorsed by the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and its state affiliate organisations, the Optometry Australia Principles for nationally consistent subsidised spectacle schemes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: Recommended implementation standards.
• Vision 2020 Australia recommends that the Australian Government supports jurisdictional governments to update their subsidised spectacle schemes, ensuring a nationally consistent approach for improving access to prescription glasses among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

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Lack of access to affordable glasses accounts for 2/3 of vision impairment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Effective subsidised spectacles schemes in all states can thereby address more than half of vision loss in Aboriginal communities.