14th NRHC Recommendation

Good oral health is essential for general health and wellbeing. COAG is called upon to implement the 2015-2024 National Oral Health Plan and in particular to facilitate improvements in Indigenous and rural and remote oral health through appropriate action:
1. Integration of dental disease screening, prevention and oral health promotion into primary health and aged care.

2. Extension of community water fluoridation to all communities with populations over 1,000.

3. Addressing the high intake of sugary food and drinks that are contributing to obesity and tooth decay. Interventions include - a sugar levy, appropriate labelling, reformulation, reducing children’s exposure to advertising, and improving access to drinking water in public places

4. Universal access to quality person-centred dental care that is initially targeted at those most in need. The current Child Dental Benefits Schedule program should be evaluated and strengthened over the next two years as a critical first stage.

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