14th NRHC Recommendation

Over the past few years there has been a focus on oral health in rural and remote areas. However, this seems to have waned to a point - the funding is not consistent year to year and there is lack of clarity about the funding programs - including State funding, National Partnerships Agreement funding and Child Dental Benefits Scheme funding.
There is also disparity between dental salary award rates, which causes a recruitment disadvantage for Victorian public dental where the average public dental award payment is approximately $30,000 less than in other Eastern States.
I would like the State and Federal Governments to offer (in a timely manner) stable, realistically priced and 3 year term (at least) funding for public dental services, so that services can plan, and recruit well, which will be the key driver in oral health care delivery to our most disadvantaged people. i would also like to see some work on equalising the base rates across the states which needs to be reflected in the funding also.
i hope this makes sense!
Thank you!

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