14th NRHC Recommendation

Rural/Remote health clinicians (of all professions, not just Drs and Nurses) need to be supported to be Rural 'Specialist Generalists' by both Government health (state and national) as well as organisations such as the NRHA and our professsional overseeing bodies (AHPRA etc).
This needs to come in many ways including:
*Advocacy for the prestige of Rural Generalism. It isn't a poor third cousin to specialties and metropolitan work. It is its own specialty that should be just as highly valued.
* Extra CPD days/hrs to allow not just for the broad range of conditions we need to treat but also the extra time and cost involved to attend training from our remote regions.
*Facilitating networking between rural and remote clinicians working with similar clinical foci to ensure we feel supported despite often working in sole roles in far-flung areas.

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great recommendation this is something we are fighting for in the pharmacy profession - this recognition will help sustain and build workforce capacity