14th NRHC Recommendation 626

We call on Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and all political parties for urgent non-partisan commitment to a new National Rural Health Strategy and long term funding for an associated National Implementation Plan to bridge the gap in health outcomes for all people living outside the major cities of Australia.

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To firm up this recommendation perhaps break it down into steps e.g.
The 14 national rural health conference 1.elect a small working group to draft a national rural health strategy for circulation for consultation by December 2017 2.request the commonwealth government to fund a project officer to support the working group to draft the strategy
by June 30 2017 3. Determine the key purpose of the strategy through broad consultation of the attendees at this conference using the current website by end of may 2017 etc

agree - also link it with the Rural Health Commissioner role - key task to develop the Strategy? Something about the need for a national Regional Rural and Remote health strategy/plan and an allocation of $'s to it is important to have in the top 10.