14th NRHC Recommendation

- To address anomalies in MBS and PBS for Nurse Practitioners
- To facilitate greater promotion and training opportunities of nurse practitioner roles
- To develop other extended scope of practice and advanced practice roles across all health professions

Recommendation Type: 


Essential investment for commonwealth gov to improve equitable access in primary health care

The mbs and pbs for nurse practitioner especially in rural remote areas where there is a severe shortage of doctors. Nurse practitioner could work collaboratively with doctors and reduce the pressure of rural remote GPs. It would be great if there were some assurances that nurse practitioners would be employed in rural remot areas. I would really like to do the nurse practitioner course in rural remote health or chronic disease and family health but am concerned about completing the course and then not being able to work in a nurse practitioner capacity or role. I work and live in remote QLD and am a remote are nurse with drug therapy protocol endorsement. I love what i do abd it would be great to function as a nurse practitioner in rural remote Qld