14th NRHC Recommendation 620

The MBS be expanded to include more item numbers for telehealth including telehealth services by GPs.

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Multidisciplinary case conferencing would be beneficial to provide incentives for Specialist involvement in the management of patients with complex care needs e.g. Autism.

It should also include allied health such as speech pathology services to remote or isolated children

I feel that GP telehealth item numbers will provide much better access in regional and remote regions. This could easily be expanded to include allied health item numbers as well, probably with an existing Team Care Arrangement. The Colleges could certainly lobby for this, but The Alliance can assist with lobbying as well

MBS to enable nurses , diabetes educators , respiratory educators , cardiac rehab clinic and , nurse practitioners ,allied health practitioners , gps and counsellors will enable equitable access for all country consumers and improve choice and quality of services

I agree with all comments thus given here. The MBS SCHEDULE COULD BE MODIFIED TO ALLOW FOR MORE INCLUSIVE SHARING OF HEALTH MANAGEMENT. The GPMP should alow more than the restrictive 5 visits per year to allow all Australians as much cost effective allied health visits they need to address their particular chronic health problem. We need also to be mindful that mental health nsocial workers also are important in providing vital support. They have a broader reach in helping psychosocial problems. A person might be depressed or psychotic and while psychologocal approaches are important they do not solve financial management or housing or food and clothing issues.

I would suggest some discussion also on where home telemonitoring falls if the GP is providing oversight and consultation