About the recommendations process

One of the most important outcomes of 15th National Rural Health Conference will be a set of recommendations for action to improve the health and wellbeing of the 7m people that live in rural and remote Australia.

The Sharing Shed is an online portal through which Conference delegates can propose recommendations for the consideration of others at the event. All delegates will be provided with access to the online portal where they can propose a recommendation of their own, see what other delegates have recommended, and/or comment on those already submitted by others.

The extent to which a particular proposal for action is supported by people at the Conference will be reflected in the votes and comments for each recommendation.

The process will be moderated by the Recommendations Committee, whose members will scrutinise the recommendations in concurrent papers as well as those submitted during the Conference. A set of collated and refined recommendations will be available online at any time, and at various stages during the Conference.

The Sharing Shed is accessible through any hand-held device or computer.  Regular updates on the progress of the recommendations will be provided to delegates through the Conference.

The final set of Priority Recommendations will be presented to a Conference plenary session to enable delegates to indicate their broad support for them. These recommendations will then be presented to the Minister of the day in the closing session.

It is hoped that all delegates will be motivated to promote and act on the recommendations in whatever way they are able after the Conference.

Note: if you can't make it to Hobart in March you can follow developments by going to www.ruralhealth.org.au/sharingshed   But only delegates can input!