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Thursday, 26 November 2015
Partyline Issue 54

The December 2015 edition of Partyline, the Alliance's flagship magazine, is now available online and posted copies will soon arrive in subscribers’ letterboxes.

This issue has a strong sense of place. Andrew Philips explores the complex ways in which where we live affects our health. Dennis Pashen reflects on his experiences of rural and remote medicine in Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. We also read how the residents of Bagot in the Northern Territory are using their place as a large-scale canvas creating artworks that reflect their pride in where they live.

Several stories relate to the health of children living in rural and remote Australia. Given the relatively poorer state of children’s health in county Australia, Dane Morling puts the case for a national strategy for the health and development of country children. Other stories cover a new app to help diagnose acute rheumatic fever; a kit for raising awareness of trachoma prevention and treatment in remote Indigenous communities; the results of Australia’s first nationwide study of the educational needs of students on the autism spectrum; and a telephone support service giving financial advice and support to families of children with cancer.

Other articles address: respite for carers living in remote communities in the Northern Territory; the disparities in oral health between city and country; the accessibility of radiation therapy for rural people; Outreach health services in rural and remote Queensland; an online education program for people with chronic pain; a research program that has developed a practical set of approaches for eye care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; online mental health resources for Indigenous people; Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet’s new Healing portal; and a Victorian network of health workers devoted to improving the health of Indigenous people.

We meet the new Chair of the Friends of the Alliance Advisory Committee, two osteopaths who love working and living in rural Australia, and a number of award winners who have been recognised for their work in rural general practice, aged care services and research.

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