Did you miss the Modified Monash message?

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Modified Monash system (MM) for the classification of a place's remoteness and size was introduced a few months ago. It has already taken the place of ASGC-RA in the administration of some Australian Government  health programs.

If you missed the NRHA's information session about MM on Wednesday 2 December 2015, you can go online and watch it in your own time - or in your boss's time if it relates to your work!


You will see and hear addresses from Paul Cutting from the Department of Health; Martin Brady and Louise Gates from the ABS; David Whitelaw from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; and Sarah Neville from the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority.

The information will be valuable for people concerned with programs which use geographic location as a criterion; those who are involved with data collection or analysis by remoteness or rurality; and the clients of programs administered on the basis of remoteness.

It's important information.  Invite the boss to watch it with you.