Using data to improve rural and remote health

16 July 2014

4th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium, Canberra, 2-3 September 2014

The amount of useful Australian health data sequestered away in government caves has grown dramatically.

Attending the 4th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium will provide rural health researchers with an opportunity to rub the lamp and make requests of the data genie. Your data wish could become reality when you learn what amazing data treasures are available, and how to go about accessing them.

• Listen to those who know the secret passwords in the ABS, the AIHW and AHPRA!
• Marvel at the variety, size and usefulness of the data sets!
• Be amazed at how you too can play with these electronic gems!

Unlike oriental treasure, but like all the best things in life, good data is most valuable when it is shared.

The 4RRHSS will see discussion of how national data sets can be used at local and regional levels to monitor health changes over time. Data linkage methods and projects will be discussed.

A community panel will describe the health research questions they would like answered.

Early career researchers and non-traditional researchers will be guided through some of the methodological and ethical questions to be considered in doing valuable rural and remote health research.

And consideration will be given to the means of disseminating the results of research - from papers in peer-reviewed journals to blogs and the twittersphere.

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