Judith Meiklejohn

Episode 23: Beneath an orange sky

In Episode 23 of Build ‘Em Up, we chat to Judith Meiklejohn, Senior Impact Manager, First Nations Communities, at Orange Sky Australia.

Judith has a background in public health, health research, development practice and oral health, and has been working with rural and remote Aboriginal communities for over 15 years.

Judith’s core role involves creating partnerships with community-controlled organisations to provide essential services and a safe space for connection, with the aim of improved wellbeing of the whole community.

The key benefits of an Orange Sky remote service are the creation of employment opportunities, workforce development and culturally appropriate access to an essential service. Judith is adept at engaging and building strong relationships with a range of key stakeholders in communities across Australia.

Involvement in internal and external research and program evaluation related to Orange Sky’s program activities is a key aspect of Judith’s role. The mission to positively connect community and foster relationships underpins her impactful work.