Josh Arnold and his daughters
Josh with his two daughters and guitar

Build ‘Em Up Podcast – The Backstory

A great Queensland country bloke with a mullet is the inspiration behind the name of the Australian rural health podcast Build ‘Em Up.

Songwriter and performer Josh Arnold composed a country song called Build ‘em up as pick-me-up for rural, regional and remote communities during COVID-19. People from right across the rural landscape contributed words, phrases and poems to bring the song to life in 2020.

Have a listen to the full song here. The essence of Build ‘Em Up is being a spark of hope, support and resilience for each other, which is exactly what a lot of great people are doing in the rural health space.

Their stories are being showcased on the Build ‘Em Up podcast by the National Rural Health Alliance.

You can read about Josh in the R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine.

Joah Arnold's mullet