Clare Fitzmaurice

Policy and Data Analytics Officer National Rural Health Alliance

Clare grew up in a country town in Gippsland, Victoria (Gunaikurnai land) and still has close links to the region. Her early career was spent working as a health professional, listening to people’s stories, and helping them to meet their health and wellbeing goals. She has a passion for developing evidence-informed health policy to improve health outcomes in rural Australia.

Former hosts

Gabrielle O'Kane


Former Chief Executive Officer National Rural Health Alliance
Gabrielle’s extensive career has focussed on rural health practice, advocacy and research, including working as a dietitian in private and public practice in south-west NSW (Wiradjuri country), and she is an academic and researcher.
Clare Ross

Clare Ross

Former Manager, Media and Communications National Rural Health Alliance
Clare grew up on a farm near Wellington in rural NSW (Wiradjuri country) and has worked in rural media – TV and newspapers – as well as in public and private health and agricultural organisations.