Media Releases

Title Release Date
National Rural Health Alliance welcomes new members
25 October 2013
New Report: a very serious situation with smoking in rural and remote areas
24 October 2013
Dental services are a priority . . . but not for the puffer fish
17 October 2013
Time to face the facts on rural poverty in Australia
14 October 2013
Improving eye health in rural areas
10 October 2013
Access all areas: a vital aspiration
02 October 2013
Are you in pain? A National Pain Strategy will help
01 October 2013
Tamworth event to focus on poverty in the bush
27 September 2013
Abbott's experienced team in health and social services
17 September 2013
Mental illness and obesity - holding back our wellbeing
10 September 2013
Let's reduce the need for a suicide prevention Fact Sheet!
10 September 2013
The Coalition on rural health: small target - or missed altogether?
03 September 2013
Where is the Coalition on rural and remote health?
31 August 2013
Lord Mayors: Lord No!
31 August 2013
ALP ticks the boxes on rural and remote health
29 August 2013
Coalition's health policy would fill some rural gaps
26 August 2013
Greens reach the top on rural and remote health
17 August 2013
Gruen Nation loses two-thirds of its country citizens
16 August 2013
Promises from the Parties and encouragement from Windsor
15 August 2013
Tony Windsor - plus three doctors - should Shine a whole lot of light
14 August 2013
Dental care - a priority issue for many Australians
13 August 2013
Launch 14 August - Program now available
12 August 2013
New research on dementia in rural areas
09 August 2013
Tony Windsor to help shine a light on rural and remote health
07 August 2013
Grants program for rural/remote health professionals for CPD
06 August 2013
Dental health week 5-11 August
06 August 2013
Shining a Light on Rural and Remote Health NRHA Election Charter Launch
06 August 2013
Shining the spotlight on rural and remote health
03 August 2013
Rosemary Young: a Friend for life
30 July 2013
Grants program for rural/remote CPD: Round 5 opens soon
17 July 2013