Media Releases

Title Release Date
Rural and remote areas need 'new industries and jobs' too
12 October 2015
Carers in rural Australia: cementing our communities
12 October 2015
Caring for Country Kids - Call for abstracts now open
25 September 2015
Much-needed funding for Indigenous eye health
24 September 2015
Boosting rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
20 September 2015
Geri Malone leads new NRHA Executive
17 September 2015
Council of the NRHA: telling it like it is
12 September 2015
Hens' teeth and rural allied health professionals
28 August 2015
Rural health champions on advisory committee
28 August 2015
Country kids' health is set to take centre stage in Alice Springs
30 July 2015
One death a week on our farms is still one too many
17 July 2015
Indigenous health leaders celebrated during NAIDOC Week
03 July 2015
National Obesity Prevention Network first victim in cuts to Health Flexible Funds
23 June 2015
Priority recommendations show the way forward for rural and remote health
10 June 2015
Rural health conference in Darwin declared a major success
27 May 2015
Rural conference community in Darwin recognises National Reconciliation Week
27 May 2015
National Palliative Care Week recognised at major biennial rural health Conference
26 May 2015
Territorians recognised as Unsung Heroes at major biennial Conference
26 May 2015
The 13th National Rural Health Conference opens a world of possibilities
25 May 2015
Many voices from the rural health community are being heard in Darwin
25 May 2015
Major rural health event starts tomorrow - but will resonate for years
23 May 2015
Connect with the 13th National Rural Health Conference
22 May 2015
Rural and remote health in the spotlight in Darwin next week
17 May 2015
Learning rural and remote health care lessons from the Pacific region
15 May 2015
International artist and Indigenous health champion headlines major biennial Health Conference
15 May 2015
Health Budget: new words for a new period
12 May 2015
Dental care funding: smoke, mirrors and reform
11 May 2015
1000 reasons to attend the 13th National Rural Health Conference in Darwin
08 May 2015
Road safety: a life and death issue in rural and remote Australia
08 May 2015
Over 100 performers will showcase the connection between art and health
07 May 2015