Friendly Activities

Every second year brings the opportunity for Friends to come together and engage in some great activities during the biennial National Rural Health Conference. People interested in rural health from all over Australia, including Friends, gather to exchange news and views on life in their local communities. The Friends Advisory Committee coordinates Friendly activities at the Conference.


Friends of the Alliance - Photo and Poetry Competition

2017 Photo and Poetry Competitions

In conjunction with the National Rural Health Conference, Friends of the Alliance hosts an amateur Photographic Competition and an amateur Poetry Competition to celebrate life in rural and remote Australia.

Through photos and poems we ask you to capture the magic of life in remote and rural areas. 

Finalists from each category (photographs and poems) are exhibited at the biennial Conference and judged by the delegates attending the event.


  • The Competitions are open to the rural and remote community (except professional photographers and poets). You do NOT have to be a Friend to enter!
  • The winners are announced at the 14th National Rural Health Conference in Cairns, 26-29 April 2017
  • The theme for this year is 'bright, vibrant, rural communities'
  • 1st PRIZE = $500  2nd PRIZE = $250 in each category
  • All entries will remain the property of the National Rural Health Alliance and may be used in future Alliance publications, including on the website and in Partyline
  • Entries close 5.00pm Friday 10 March 2017.

We look forward to receiving your entries - for inspiration, you can view the finalists for 2015.

Friends of the Alliance - Unsung Hero

The 2017 Friends of the Alliance Unsung Hero Award

The Friends of the Alliance Unsung Hero is an award presented to a special person at each biennal National Rural Health Conference. Nominations open a few months prior to the event and the award is presented at the Conference dinner.  You must be a financial member of Friends of the Alliance to nominate an Unsung Hero in your community. The unsung hero does NOT need to be a Friends member.

Who is an Unsung Hero?

An Unsung Hero is an under recognised, exceptional person / people who make significant contributions to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous, remote, or small rural communities.
Remote and rural areas are much richer for the contribution of these quiet achievers, who often are not recognised for their hard work and receive little reward.

An Unsung Hero could be a volunteer or paid worker who goes above and beyond what is normally expected in their workplace or community.

Friends of the Alliance are proud to support the Unsung Hero Award as a way to recognise the work of these special individuals who contribute so much to so many.

Nominations close 5.00pm Friday 10 March 2017

Previous Winners