About eForum

eForum is a service provided by the National Rural Health Alliance. The information in eForum is assembled by a Moderator from a variety of sources on the basis of it being of potential interest to those involved with rural and remote health. The National Rural Health Alliance does not necessarily endorse any or all of the opinions expressed in eForum and cannot attest to their accuracy.

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The NRHA eForum is published fortnightly. Contributions are sought on any topic relevant to rural health concerns. Please send contributions to the moderator at eforum@ruralhealth.org.au. Contributions received by the Friday of publication will be included in the eForum. The NRHA eForum is edited by a third party moderator, Jim Groves. As such, the Alliance does not control postings and the contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Alliance. Nor do postings necessarily reflect the views of Jim Groves or any organisation he is associated with. Please forward a copy to any colleague you think may be interested.



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