Mental Health

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Mental Health in rural and remote Australia

The rates of people experiencing mental health issues is similar across
the nation: around 20 per cent or 1 in 5. However, rates of self-harm increase with remoteness
while access to primary care and mental health professionals decreases.




Mental Health Submission

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The National Rural Health Alliance has a strong and long-standing commitment
to better mental health services and improved mental health outcomes
for the 30% of the population living outside of major cities in Australia.

This submission, written and prepared by Dr Russell Roberts,
on behalf of the Alliance, addresses the 6 indicated reform platforms from
The Australian Government Response to Contributing lives Thriving Communities
–Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services




World Mental Health Day 2016




NRHA Mental Health Webinar

Rural and remote areas and the refocusing of Commonwealth mental health services.

This Webinar is a free service provided by the NRHA as part of its work to secure better
and fairer health and health services for the people of rural and remote areas.





Need Help?

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health difficulties, talk to your local GP,
mental health professional or a trusted friend or family member.
If you are in crisis call 000 or Lifeline’s 24hr Telephone Crisis Support on 13 11 14.
The Alliance has prepared a Rural Mental Health Help Sheet detailing organisations that can assist if you
or someone close to you is experiencing mental health difficulties.