Will the Coalition's first Budget (13 May) preserve basic health services? What changes will be made to Medicare and pensions?
And what will the Budget's impact be on families in rural and remote areas?

The Alliance believes that people who are already disadvantaged should be lifted up above the adverse effects of any major Budget cuts.

The proportions of people in rural and remote areas who drink alcohol at levels that are risky for lifetime harm and single occasion harm are considerably worse than their peers in the major cities. Discover more facts about risky drinking in rural and remote areas vs the major cities through the Risky drinking infographic.

Excited about eHealth!

Recent developments with both telehealth and the eHealth record (PCEHR) promise much for people in rural and remote Australia.

There is plenty of evidence about the relative state of health in rural and remote Australia - but how strong is it? Which of the data sources provide good statistics on rural health, which are 'lies', and which 'damned lies'?
The Data and evidence on rural health page provides a useful guide for users, how some of the data pitfalls can be avoided and links to useful publications.