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In its submission to the recent inquiry by the House of Representatives Select Committee on Intergenerational Welfare Dependence, the Alliance drew on its determinants of health approach to promote support for policies, practice and research that aims to reduce inequalities in social and health outcomes. 

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"Australia needs a National Obesity Prevention Strategy as a matter of urgency.” That’s one of six recommendations the Alliance has made in its submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s obesity epidemic. The Alliance is also calling for a tax on sugary drinks to increase retail prices by at least 20%, and tougher rules on when unhealthy food can be advertised.

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The Senate is inquiring into ‘The future of stillbirth research and education in Australia’. The Alliance's submission makes eight recommendations, including a call to better identify the problem in rural areas, improve data collection and increase research funding.

The Senate is inquiring into ‘The indicators of, and impact of, regional inequality in...

On March 19 Senators from the Greens and Labor Party passed a motion to set up an inquiry...

The Alliance has called for mandatory warning labels in it's advice to the Federal “Pregnancy...


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